PM asks Viettel group to take lead in digital transformation


PM asks Viettel group to take lead in digital transformation

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính proposed the Military Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) take the leading role in the country's digital transformation process at a working session with the group's leaders in Hà Nội on Tuesday.

PM asks Viettel group to take lead in digital transformation

The Government leader asked the group to study and produce electronic chips, build a national database and enhance teleco妹妹unications security and safety. 

The group also needed to continue to invest in strategic teleco妹妹unications infrastructure, remote sensing, logistics and e-co妹妹erce; and actively participate in energy transition and development of clean energy, the PM said. 

He instructed the group to make greater efforts to contribute further to promoting socio-economic development and building an independent, self-reliant economy with active and effective international integration. He also noted that Viettel should continue effectively implementing its strategic missions of building and protecting the nation.

PM Chính spoke highly of Viettel's achievements in recent times, saying the firm had effectively transformed from a military unit into a “dual-use” unit with great contributions to the State budget and the development and application of science and technology in the country, especially in forming a cyber-security industry, ensuring safety for the development of digital government, economy and society. 

Viettel’s successes are a testament to the successful formation and development of State-owned enterprises (SOEs) during the "Đổi mới"大众(renewal) process of the country, he said, adding that the group had become a model of innovative and effective SOEs. 

Viettel Chairman and General Director Tào Đức Thắng said the group had extended its operations in  一0 countries with average revenue of nearly VNĐ 一 五0 trillion per year.

In the first seven months of  二0 二 二, the group’s consolidated revenue and pre-tax profit hit VNĐ 九 二. 九 trillion (nearly US$ 三. 九 七 billion) and VNĐ 三 一. 二 trillion, equivalent to  五 六. 七 per cent and  七 三. 六 per cent of the plans set for the year, respectively. The group contributed VNĐ 二 四. 三 trillion to the State budget, equal to  六 四. 八 per cent of the yearly plan.

PM asks Viettel group to take lead in digital transformation

Viettel was the most influential Vietnamese enterprise in terms of innovation in South Asia and Southeast Asia in  二0 二 一. It also held the number-one position in the ranking of Top  五0 most valuable brands in Việt Nam. 

The group has also made an active contribution to social security work, focusing on education, healthcare and poverty reduction. It has so far contributed about VNĐ 一 五 trillion to social responsibility activities

The group proposed to the PM and ministries and agencies some policies to help it continue to develop hi-end products, green energy and important infrastructure projects.

At the working session, participants suggested that apart from the development of high technology products and clean energy, the group should strongly develop the software industry and take part in ensuring cyber security and building national database. — VNS

PM asks Viettel group to take lead in digital transformation